Semen For Sale 

With a large offering of industry's top sires collected for export qualification we can help you source the genetics you require to advance your breeding program! Please make direct inquiries for semen on sires not listed, also some sires that are not export qualified can be used to create exportable embryo's as an ideal way to source those genetics.

RWG Guilt Trip 9418 ET - Canada & USA Qualified

"Power, substance & mass in a dark red clean sheath meat wagon"

Min order 20 straws

RWG Happy Hour 0442 ET - Canada & USA Qualified

"Clean cut design, added extension & length, structural correctness in a maternal perfection pedigree!"

Min order 20 straws

RWG Seminole Wind 9430 ET - Canada - USA - Australia Qualified

"Leading son of the most prolific sire & donor @ RWG"

Min order 20 straws "ALL seedstock semen sold out for 2023 breeding season only commercial semen avalible"

RWG Exact Combination 7409 - Canada - USA - Australia Qualified

"The AI sire that set the standard for value and production"

Limited - please ask!

RWG Right Combination 5506 - Canada - USA - Australia Qualified

"The original 3 time National Champion bull whos progeny still top sales years later"

Min order 20 straws

RWG Bustin' Stones 4603 - Canada - USA - Australia Qualified

"Meat wagon design, powerful sons, top notch daughters with added maternal and improved udder quality"

Min order 10 straws

RWG Xtreme Traction 0521 - Canada - USA - Australia Qualified

"The proven female maker! want great productive cows keep his daughters!"

Limited - please ask!

JRI Santiago 37C31 - Canada

"Moderate, momma maker the perfect example of moderate cow, monster calf at foot"

Min order 20 straws

Embryo's For Sale